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House Bill 1396

House Bill 1396

ARCHIVE (2006)

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DIGEST OF HB1396 (Updated February 28, 2006 5:25 pm - DI 84)

Administration of charity gaming. Transfers the powers and duties of administering charity gaming from the department of state revenue to the gaming commission. Allows a candidate's committee to conduct a raffle event. Removes a provision restricting a qualified organization's charity gaming events to the county of its home office. Increases the maximum initial license fee from $25 to $50. Increases license renewal fees. Grants the gaming commission the authority to approve gambling events other than the types of events listed in current law. Defines the term "member" for purposes of the charity gaming laws. Establishes a procedure under which a qualified organization that conducts only one charity gaming event in a calendar year may submit an application for a license for the event without including the Social Security numbers of the workers for the proposed event. Provides that a qualified organization using the procedure may not require an individual who wishes to participate in the allowable event as a worker to submit the individual's Social Security number to the qualified organization. Allows the gaming commission to approve: (1) a qualified organizations's utilization of a nonmember as a worker if the nonmember is a member of another qualified organization; and (2) the sharing of receipts with the qualified organization of which the worker is a member. Prohibits the gaming commission from adopting a rule concerning a minimum percentage of a qualified organization's gross receipts that must be used for charitable purposes. Makes an appropriation.
Current Status:
Passed 2nd reading - 2nd House
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