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Senate Bill 0006

Senate Bill 0006

ARCHIVE (2006)

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DIGEST OF SB 6 (Updated March 14, 2006 3:29 pm - DI 106)

Sex offenders. Provides that a sexually violent predator who commits an offense after June 30, 2006, must be placed on lifetime parole when the person's term of imprisonment is completed. Provides that a person who violates a condition of lifetime parole after the person's lifetime parole has been revoked two or more times or after completing the person's sentence (including any credit time) commits a Class D felony if the violation involves contact with a child or a victim of the child molesting offense of which the person was convicted, and a Class C felony if the person has a prior unrelated lifetime parole violation conviction. Specifies that a sexually violent predator in another state whose parole is transferred to Indiana may also required to be placed on lifetime parole. Provides that, if a person being supervised on lifetime parole is also required to be supervised by a probation department or similar agency, the probation department or similar agency may have sole supervision of the person if the parole board finds that supervision by the probation department or other agency will be at least as stringent and effective as supervision by the parole board. Prohibits a sexually violent predator from obtaining a waiver for certain residency restrictions imposed as part of probation or parole, and requires the department of correction to report to the budget committee before August 1, 2006, concerning the feasibility of recovering the expense of GPS monitoring from an offender. Requires a sexually violent predator placed on lifetime parole to wear a GPS monitoring device. Requires the department of correction to report annually to the legislative council concerning the department's implementation of lifetime parole and GPS monitoring of sex offenders, including information concerning costs, recidivism, and proposals to reduce cost or increase efficiency. Requires the sentencing policy study committee to study issues related to sex offenders, including: (1) lifetime parole; (2) GPS monitoring; (3) a classification system for sex offenders; (4) recidivism; and (5) treatment. Adds a psychiatrist or psychologist to the sentencing policy study committee as a nonvoting advisor.
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