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Senate Bill 0115

Senate Bill 0115

ARCHIVE (2006)

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Probate, trust, and inheritance tax matters. Provides that a trust is entitled to certain property tax deductions for real property owned by the trust if the property is occupied by an individual who has a beneficial interest in the trust, is considered to have a life estate in the real property, and otherwise qualifies for the deduction. Removes a provision that prevents individuals who are adopted as adults after June 30, 2004, from being considered Class A transferees for purposes of the inheritance tax. Increases the Class B transferee inheritance tax exemption amount from $500 to $20,000 and the Class C transferee inheritance tax exemption amount from $100 to $10,000. Increases from $1,000 to $5,000, for purposes of inheritance tax, the maximum amount that may be deducted from the value of property interests transferred by a resident decedent for the purchase of a memorial to the decedent. Increases the maximum gross value of a probate estate that may be settled without court administration from $25,000 to $50,000. Provides that a claimant seeking payment of a debt owed to a decedent or seeking to obtain personal property or an instrument evidencing a debt, an obligation, a stock, or a chose in action belonging to the decedent must include in the affidavit that the claimant submits to the debtor or person possessing the personal property or instrument: (1) the name and address of each other person entitled to a share of the property; and (2) a statement that the claimant has notified each other person identified in the affidavit of the claimant's intention to present the affidavit. Provides that the trustee of a trust to which an interest in real property is transferred is considered the insured owner under a title insurance policy issued for the interest in real property if the transfer meets certain conditions. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the probate code study commission.)
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    In Committee - first House
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