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Senate Bill 0153

Senate Bill 0153

ARCHIVE (2006)

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DIGEST OF SB153 (Updated March 8, 2006 2:28 pm - DI 84)

State central collection unit and child support. Establishes the state central collection unit (unit) within the child support bureau to collect and process noncash child support payments. Requires clerks of court (clerks) to collect and process cash child support payments. Deletes references to "other person" and "other governmental agency" in statutes concerning the unit. Requires a party affected by a child support order to notify the unit or a clerk of an address change. Requires a person using income withholding to provide certain information to the unit. Repeals a provision regarding noncash payments of child support to clerks. Provides that the unit is not liable for certain errors in the disbursement and collection of child support payments. Provides the procedure the unit is to follow if the unit improperly disburses a child support payment. Makes certain changes concerning income withholding orders in enforcing dissolution of marriage, legal separation, and child support decrees. Provides that a collection agency that contracts with the child support bureau or a prosecuting attorney may, in addition to the collection of arrearage on a child support order, assess and collect from an obligor all fees, charges, costs, and other expenses as provided under the contract. Provides that an individual ordered to pay child support through income withholding shall also pay the annual child support fee through income withholding. Changes the support and maintenance fee to $30. Provides that the state central collection unit may collect any unpaid fee through any lawful means. Provides that the child support bureau (bureau) may contract with a private entity to undertake Title IV-D duties. Provides that the bureau shall stipulate service levels that a prosecuting attorney, private attorney, private entity, or collection agency is expected to meet and that certain funds shall be disbursed if the service levels are met. Provides that the bureau retains 22.2% of incentive payments distributed to a county regarding child support payment collection. Provides that incentive payments shall be distributed in the following manner: (1) 22.2% of the incentive payments are distributed to the county general fund; (2) 33.4% of the incentive payments are distributed to the prosecuting attorney; (3) 22.2% of the incentive payments are distributed to the court clerk; and (4) the bureau shall retain 22.2% of the incentive payments. Makes technical corrections. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the select committee on reorganization of child services.)
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