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Senate Bill 0170

Senate Bill 0170

ARCHIVE (2006)

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Consolidation of Marion County government. Allows the Marion County city-county council to adopt an ordinance to do the following: (1) Eliminate the office of township assessor in Marion County, and provide that the county assessor assumes property assessment duties and responsibilities and that the city controller administers the dog tax and dog fund. (2) Adjust the membership of the county property tax assessment board of appeals in Marion County. (3) Provide that for purposes of township assistance, Marion County consists of the central township district (consisting of the area comprising the Indianapolis public school district) and the consolidated township (consisting of all area within the county that is outside the Indianapolis public school district). (4) Transfer assets, property rights, equipment, records, personnel, and contracts concerning the provision of township assistance to the applicable township district, and transfer other assets of the township to the county assessor or consolidated city, as appropriate. (5) Provide that the indebtedness of a township is assumed by the consolidated city, and provide that property taxes imposed by the consolidated city for that indebtedness are exempt from the ad valorem property tax limits. (6) Require township trustees and township boards representing the township districts to be elected at the first general election following the adoption of the ordinance. (7)
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    In Committee - first House
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