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Senate Bill 0193

Senate Bill 0193

ARCHIVE (2006)

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DIGEST OF SB 193 (Updated March 14, 2006 5:36 pm - DI 69)

Controlled substances. Permits the destruction of chemically contaminated equipment used in the illegal manufacture of a controlled substance if certain conditions are met. Provides that a law enforcement officer has the right to inspect a retailer's log of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine sales. Prohibits a person from selling or releasing a log or the records from the completion of a log for commercial purposes. Allows the Indiana criminal justice institute to obtain information concerning a log or the records from the completion of a log from a law enforcement officer if the information may not be used to identify a specific individual and is used only for statistical purposes. Prohibits the possession of two or more precursors with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance, and makes the possession of anhydrous ammonia with the intent to manufacture amphetamine a Class D felony that may be enhanced under certain circumstances. Requires a law enforcement agency that discovers a child less than 18 years of age at a drug laboratory to notify the department of child services. Defines "methamphetamine abuse" and requires law enforcement agencies to report methamphetamine abuse to the criminal justice institute. Removes methamphetamine from the crimes of: (1) dealing in cocaine, a narcotic drug, or methamphetamine; and (2) possession of cocaine, a narcotic drug, or methamphetamine; and establishes new crimes of dealing in methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine. Specifies that, for purposes of the law concerning motor vehicles, a person is intoxicated if the person is under the influence of: (1) model glue or certain other substances; or (2) nitrous oxide. Defines inhaling a toxic vapor, a Class B misdemeanor, as the act of ingesting or inhaling, with intent to cause a condition of intoxication, euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, stupefaction, or dulling of the senses, the fumes of amyl butrate, isobutyl nitrate, freon, chlorinated hydrocarbons, methylene chloride, hexane, ether, chloroform, halothane, or any other chemical having the property of releasing toxic vapors. Makes conforming amendments.
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