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Senate Bill 0330

Senate Bill 0330

ARCHIVE (2006)

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Custody after paternity is established. Provides that in a custody proceeding held after paternity is established, a court may: (1) award joint legal custody of a child if the court determines joint legal custody would be in the best interests of the child; (2) tax as costs payment of travel and other expenses for the presence of an individual at the proceeding; (3) seek the advice of professional personnel; (4) name a temporary custodian under certain conditions; (5) upon request, order an investigation and report concerning custodial arrangements of the child; (6) order a custodian to obtain counseling for the child; (7) order continuing supervision over a case; and (8) order that an interview, report, or investigation not be public record. Requires the court to: (1) determine questions of law and fact without a jury; and (2) if an individual granted custody moves the individual's residence under certain conditions, hold a hearing upon the request of either party to review and modify, if appropriate, the custody, parenting time, and support orders. Requires the court to consider certain factors in awarding joint legal custody of a child and in modifying a child custody order. Provides that: (1) the custody proceeding must comply with the Indiana Rules of Civil Procedure; and (2) a custodian may determine the child's upbringing. Repeals duplicate provisions concerning: (1) the authority of the custodial parent to determine the child's upbringing; and (2) continuing supervision of a case. Makes certain other changes.
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    In Committee - first House
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