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Senate Bill 0016

Senate Bill 0016

ARCHIVE (2008)

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DIGEST OF SB16 (Updated January 29, 2008 3:31 pm - DI 84)

Property tax assessing duties. Effective July 1, 2008, transfers to the county assessor property assessment duties of township assessors in all townships in which the number of real property parcels is less than 15,000. Excepts a township with at least 10,000 real property parcels if an international airport is located in the township. Establishes a procedure for the election of a township assessor in a township in which the real property parcel count grows to exceed 15,000. Allows an elected township assessor to remain in office until the end of the assessor's term for the sole purpose of assisting the county assessor in the transition. Establishes a procedure for removal from office of a county assessors and township assessors who fail to perform adequately the duties of office. Transfers to the county assessor township employment positions and other resources related to property assessment. Requires the county assessor to interview for those employment positions current township assessor employees who apply. Allows the county assessor to establish satellite offices in the county. Requires the department of local government finance (DLGF) to adopt rules before December 31, 2008, for the establishment of a single state- designed software system to provide a uniform and common property tax management system for all counties. Directs the DLGF to prepare a request for funding of the software system in the next state biennial budget. Provides that the procedures for filling a vacancy in the office of elected township assessor do not apply to a vacancy that occurs before July 1, 2008. Amends the procedure to obtain a review by the county property tax assessment board of appeals. Provides that the county auditor's annual statement to political subdivisions and the DLGF for counties with taxing units that cross into or intersect with other counties must include the assessed valuation as shown on the most current abstract of property. Provides that each appraiser that performs assessments on behalf of a county property assessment contractor must have a level two assessor-appraiser certification, and requires the department of local government finance to consider before approving the contract the contractor's experience, training, and number of employees. Provides that the DLGF must be a party to appraisal and computer contracts. Provides that after June 30, 2009, an employee of the county assessor or a township assessor who performs real property assessing duties must hold a level two or level three assessor-appraiser certification. Provides that a candidate for county assessor who runs in an election after January 1, 2010, must have attained the certification of a level three assessor-appraiser. Deletes an obsolete provision requiring the development of local computer requirements by the DLGF. Repeals the county land valuation commission and obsolete provisions.
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    In Committee - 2nd House
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