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Senate Bill 0302

Senate Bill 0302

ARCHIVE (2008)

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DIGEST OF SB 302 (Updated March 13, 2008 5:12 pm - DI 14)

Health professions and occupations. Conference committee report for ESB 302. Allows members of certain licensing boards to participate in emergency meetings to suspend the licenses of practitioners who represent a clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety, if a means of communication is used that allows all board members and the public to simultaneously communicate with each other. Allows members of the state boxing commission to participate in meetings to consider final approval of a permit for a particular boxing or sparring match or exhibition, if a means of communication is used that allows all commission members and the public to simultaneously communicate with each other. Makes changes in the procedures for renewal of expired certificates and licenses, and provides that the professional licensing agency is to set the times for license renewals for: (1) accountants; (2) acupuncturists; (3) architects; (4) landscape architects; (5) athletic trainers; (6) auctioneers; (7) auction houses; (8) auction companies; (9) barbers; (10) cosmetologists; (11) tanning facilities; (12) chiropractors; (13) dental hygienists; (14) dentists; (15) dietitians; (16) embalmers, funeral directors, and funeral homes; (17) health facility administrators; (18) hearing aid dealers; (19) home inspectors; (20) hypnotists; (21) land surveyors; (22) physicians; (23) nurses; (24) manufactured home installers; (25) optometrists; (26) pharmacists, pharmacies, drug stores, and home medical equipment service providers; (27) plumbers; (28) podiatrists; (29) private investigator firms, security guards, and polygraph examiners; (30) professional engineers; (31) environmental health specialists; (32) psychologists; (33) real estate brokers and sales persons; and (34) speech pathologists and audiologists. Makes changes to the qualifications for licensing of out-of-state architects, accountants, and acupuncturists. Makes changes to the qualification criteria for approval to sit for the licensing examination for architects. Prohibits advanced practice nurses from entering into collaborative practice agreements with physician assistants. Reduces membership on the state board of health facility administrators from 14 to 13 and makes conforming changes. Establishes qualifications for a provisional license for physicians. Adds a definition of "dispense" to the law concerning controlled substances. Provides that advanced practice nurses with prescriptive authority are subject to certain restrictions regarding drug samples. Makes changes to the membership of the board of accountancy. Provides that a physician assistant who renders care in response to an emergency under the state emergency management law is not required to comply with the law requiring supervision by a physician. Repeals a provision allowing real estate brokers and salespersons to use a notice of passing the required licensing examination as a temporary permit to practice. Requires a nonresident pharmacy that dispenses more than 25% of the pharmacy's total prescription volume through the Internet to have certain accreditations and display the accreditation in advertisements. Allows the board of pharmacy to take certain action against a nonresident pharmacy for not being accredited or for failing to display the accreditation. Removes specified home medical equipment from the definition of "home medical equipment" and redefines the term as equipment that is prescribed by a health care provider and either: (1) sustains, restores, or supplants a vital bodily function; or (2) is technologically sophisticated and requires individualized adjustment or maintenance. Defines "home medical services" to require both the: (1) sale, rental, delivery, or installation of home medical equipment; and (2) installation, maintenance, and instruction in the use of the equipment. Repeals superseded sections in the licensing laws and a definition of "dispenser" in the controlled substances law. Amends a statutory reference to resolve a technical conflict with SB 190 (the agriculture and animals recodification bill). Makes other changes relating to the law concerning occupations and professions.
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